Investment with Purpose

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At Prism Capital Partners, we let sustainability, innovative design and high growth investment  principals guide our practice. Efficiently maximizing equity capital to its fullest potential, we create elevated spaces that inspire prospective homeowners at every level.  We focus on triple bottom line- wellness, profit and environment.

Paying close attention to the market’s demand for open plans, an abundance of natural light and outdoor areas, our signature approach champions living spaces that flow beautifully between indoor and outdoor “rooms”. Our designs are always on trend of the cutting-edge home technology and equip with the latest smart home features. Sustainability is important to us, and we harness eco-friendly and energy-efficient practices wherever possible.

While our approach is thoroughly rooted in the art of modern and innovative design principles, our end goal is always to maximize investor returns. Our current key focus is projects with a nine-month to three-year time horizon, targeting a 12-15% annualized return.

Our community is important to us, which is why 2% of Prism Capital Partners’ proceeds go towards giving back to San Francisco-based charities.

Our Team

  • Jeff Handwerger

    Founder and Managing Member

    Jeff Handwerger is passionate about real estate, design & investor returns. He has developed numerous projects ranging from major renovations of single family homes to entitling 90+ unit projects valued in excess of $50 million. He has honed his knowledge of design and buyer preferences over 30+ years of real estate development, brokerage and appraisal experience. In one condominium project, he achieved record $/SF prices that were not matched until nearly 15 years later. During the post downturn, he created and implemented an innovative marketing plan and achieved record absorption of his 50 unit project.The prices achieved were approximately 20% higher than those suggested by a broker/owner of a large SF real estate brokerage who was a partner in the project.
    Jeff brings a unique sense of vision. The projects featured in this presentation before 160 Bonview were developed by the Jeff Handwerger either as sole manager or with partners prior to forming of Prism Capital Partners. At Prism, Jeff focuses on acquisition, development, design management, capital strategy, risk and asset management..

  • C. Rokelle Sun

    Co-Founder and Managing Member

    C. Rokelle Sun has over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in real estate development and equity investment. Prior joining Prism, Rokelle co-founded Greenland funds USA LLC and focused on special situation real estate investing and redevelopment. She has an established track record in creating and maintaining successful capital growth strategies in special situation real estate funds and highly volatile real estate markets. Rokelle has successfully identified various investment opportunities throughout the real estate lifecycle; this includes distressed, litigation, value creation, capital dislocation and core asset classes. Working in various capacities has given her a well-rounded skill set that enables her to comprehend all aspects of the industry. During the last financial crisis, Rokelle’s investment strategies and redevelopment tactics produced a yield of aprox. 15%+ percent annual returns for investors. At Prism, Rokelle focuses on construction management, business development, investor relations and fundraising..